Tux’s Prognostication Comes True! (..sort of…)

When the ObamaCare start date was pushed back to January 1st, 2015, I predicted how it would possibly affect the 2014 election.

Looks like the Obama administration has been reading this blog.

From USA Today, of all places!:

The second Obamacare open enrollment is scheduled to begin on November 15th and end on February 15th. Instead of learning critical lessons from the mistakes of the first open enrollment fiasco, the Obama administration appears to be trying to silence potential critics…

So why all this effort to keep clear information away from the public? Why put a gag rule on insurance companies from talking about just how well the second version of HealthCare.gov is working when we will all know anyway in less than six weeks when open enrollment begins?

Why not open their books and give us a good look at who is really enrolled in the program? Why not now let consumers know now what their 2015 Obamacare health insurance rates look like?

For the same reason the administration delayed the start of the 2015 open enrollment from last year’s October 1st start date to November 15th this year.

There is an election on November 4th. Every administration spins the facts. But when it comes to a lack of openness and transparency about Obamacare, this administration has no peer.

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More Carney weirdness

Heh. Carney weirdness – t’s not just at the State Fair anymore.

It’s a hallmark of the left to be ashamed of all the wrong things. Case in point:

In a previous post, I wrote about how White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has decorated his home with Soviet propaganda posters. This was uncovered thanks to a photo in a recent article in Washingtonian Magazine.

Now, another photo in that very same article has come under scrutiny.



A seemingly innocent picture of the family playing “Daddy’s work”. But look closely, and you’ll see that the picture is Photoshopped.

Badly. The replicated finger screams “amateur”.



The impression I get is this: someone thought it was shameful for them to have too few books on the shelf, but not shameful to have Soviet propaganda posters on the wall.

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Obama’s press secretary decorates home with Soviet propaganda posters

I had to do a double take on this one. It seemed a bit too “Oniony” at first. But it actually checks out.

Washingtonian Magazine published a glowing article about Press Secretary Jay Carney, his wife and ABC News contributor (no conflict of interests here!) Claire Shipman, and their family. The article came complete with a large panoramic photo of their kitchen. (Click it to enlarge)shipman-lead-04102014

In the background, you can see two posters:




The woman in the poster on the left is switching out a tag with a man’s name to one with hers. The text says: ‘Women! Learn production, replace workers who went to the front! The stronger the hinterland – the stronger the front!’”







The poster on the right is a version of this iconic design by artist Dmitry Moor with a soldier pointing his finger alongside text that says “Have YOU Enlisted?” in Russian.




Still think the White House is full of people who have America’s best interests at heart?

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Is Evil Rational?

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Rigging the Future

From PJ Media:

Since the passage of Obamacare, all fifty state Medicaid agencies have been forced to create a new standalone database that contains nothing besides the contact information of Medicaid applicants who used Healthcare.gov.

Some of these new databases mail out voter registration forms automatically. You cannot refuse them.

No worthwhile verification occurs before the forms are mailed. Apply for Medicaid and the form will be mailed to you, be you a verifiable citizen or Ayman al-Zawahiri on a computer in Pakistan.

Further, these new databases are accessible by groups like Organizing for Action, the reconstituted ACORN, and malevolent figures like Chris Tarango.

And no reasonable purpose exists for creating the databases besides making them available to the aforementioned Democratic activists.


Heard nothing regarding this before? Not only are you not alone, several state secretaries of State we contacted had no clue any of this was occurring under their watch. One source involved in the recently initiated legal battle to expose and dismantle the databases described the situation as follows:

  • Evil genius.
  • A complete disregard for certain federal law, the skirting of others, the exploitation of existing Medicaid structures, the issuing of rules and regulations with virtually none of the required paper trail. …
  • Just evil genius. They friggin’ thought of everything.

The remainder of this article is composed of descriptions of the several decisions made by Obamacare authors that led to the construction of the databases. The listing of these decisions is intended to illustrate the impossibility that these databases were created unintentionally, or due to incompetence — a “fumble.”

We hope to show that a rational, disinterested observer must arrive at the conclusion that these actions could not have been taken for any reason beyond the intended exploitation of the Affordable Care Act as a vehicle for future Democratic election victories.

Read more…

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75 years ago tonight – Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass)

19381011_NYT_frontpage_KristallnachtKristallnacht, also referred to as the Night of Broken Glass, was a pogrom (a series of coordinated attacks) against Jews throughout Nazi Germany and parts of Austria on 9–10 November 1938, carried out by SA paramilitary forces and non-Jewish civilians. German authorities looked on without intervening. The name Kristallnacht comes from the shards of broken glass that littered the streets after Jewish-owned stores, buildings, and synagogues had their windows smashed.

At least 91 Jews were killed in the attacks, and 30,000 were arrested and incarcerated in concentration camps. Jewish homes, hospitals, and schools were ransacked, as the attackers demolished buildings with sledgehammers. Over 1,000 synagogues were burned (95 in Vienna alone) and over 7,000 Jewish businesses destroyed or damaged. Martin Gilbert writes that no event in the history of German Jews between 1933 and 1945 was so widely reported as it was happening, and the accounts from the foreign journalists working in Germany sent shock waves around the world.The Times wrote at the time: “No foreign propagandist bent upon blackening Germany before the world could outdo the tale of burnings and beatings, of blackguardly assaults on defenseless and innocent people, which disgraced that country yesterday.”

The pretext for the attacks was the assassination of the German diplomat Ernst vom Rath by Herschel Grynszpan, a German-born Polish Jew resident in Paris. Kristallnacht was followed by additional economic and political persecution of Jews, and is viewed by historians as part of Nazi Germany’s broader racial policy, and the beginning of the Final Solution and The Holocaust.

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An ObamaCare analogy

A man in a suit walks down the street carrying a bucket of water, drawing the attention of passers-by. Curiosity gets the best of one of them, who asks, “Sir, why are you carrying a bucket of water?”

“If you like your breath, you can hold it,” the man in the suit replies.

This puzzles the curious man. But before he has a chance to comprehend what he has heard, the man in the suit grabs the curious man’s head and shoves it into the bucket of water. Flailing and gurgling, the curious man fights for his life, much to the horror of the surrounding people. A moment later, the curious man’s fight is over. While the crowd stares at the curious man’s now-lifeless body, the man in the suit takes his bucket and starts walking.

“You killed him!” one of the on-lookers cries. Many others in the crowd join in with this accusation.

The man in the suit turns and, with a sly grin, says, “I told him he could hold his breath. Nobody made him inhale.” With that, he walks away, looking for the next curious man.

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